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Mexico City, December 18, 2017
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Braulio Salvat
Migratón Foundation
Salsipuedes 36,
San Juan de Dios, CDMX
01800 666 666

Great Inauguration of the Migratón Foundation!

Mexico City—In the framework of International Migrants’ Day today, and of the historic meeting for the creation of a Global Pact for Secure, Ordered and Regular Migration, which took place in Puerto Vallarta from December 4 to 6, Braulio Salvat, young Mexican entrepreneur, inaugurates his new altruistic foundation for profit, Migratón Fundación SA de CV, a foundation that seeks to unify all the important governmental and private groups that are beneficiaries of the great cycle of Central American migration to Mexico. The main objective of Migratón® is to support, maximize and promote Mexico through unique and fun programs that in turn will optimize the flow of people and will ensure that the Mexican Federal Government and Mexican private companies and civil society organizations strengthen their forces, united as brothers. Recently, in an interview with TV Notas, the founder Braulio Salvat stated: “The migration of Central Americans to Mexico is an unstoppable phenomenon. That is why we created the Migratón®: for the private sector to help the government in the management of the migratory flow, optimizing the complex systems of rescue, accommodation and assisted return. ”

Among the programs of the Migratón Foundation you will find Migratón Kids ™: To promote new and better ways to treat the thousands of small potential human beings (SHEPs) that are abandoned in our country; Migratón Tours ™: To facilitate the natural round trip of migrants to the Mexican territory and its derivatives; and Migratón Champions ™: to recognize the diverse sectors that have gathered millions of pesos and commit to follow them together. With innovative programs such as the Puntos Migratón Card, El Chavo Kits, INM Mundo Mágico and Labor of Love, the migrants will be able to start living what Braulio Salvat calls the “Mexican Dream”. “In addition,” Salvat added with visible emotion, “the inspirational jingle of Migratón® will be engraved on the Mexican heart forever.”

Under the banner of “Help us to help,” Braulio Salvat and Fundación Migratón call for the union and generosity of all our sisters and brothers, Mexican and Mexican. With love, order and gathering, this foundation will highlight the importance of maintaining the largest migratory corridor in the world between Mexico and Central America.