Our Mission

Our Mission

The migration of Central Americans to Mexico has turned into a catastrophe of unimaginable dimensions. And it increases every day. Even though Mexico has returned hundreds of thousands of people to their countries of origin, the flow of migrants trying to cross our territory to the United States continues to grow. Many of them are boys and girls who travel without any company and must be rescued for their own protection.

Faced with this unstoppable phenomenon, both the Mexican government and the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are completely overwhelmed. The devastating earthquake our country suffered this year, as well as the current situation in Honduras, have exacerbated the challenge.

That’s why we created the Migratón®: for the private sector to help the government in managing the migratory flow, optimizing the complex rescue, accommodation and assisted return systems*. Our inaugural campaigns are:

Just as the Teletón has managed to capture our hearts and our donations over the years, the Migratón® gives all Mexicans the opportunity to participate and demonstrate that in the face of the greatest challenge of our time we can respond with joy and generosity.

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*The Mexican government prefers not to use the terms “arrest”, “detention” and “deportation”.