Currently in Mexico there are hundreds of thousands of Central American migrants en route to the USA, and many travel without documents and without any guidance on how to obtain them. Migratón Tours™ is a program that offers specialized services for those seeking the American Dream and for people who have been forced to leave their country and don’t know they can seek asylum in ours. The Migratón Foundation has created this campaign to meet the growing demand and offer guidance and new opportunities for rescue efforts and assisted returns.

Migratón Tours™: Moving our brothers and sisters.

Programs of Migratón Tours™


More trips, more points.

Our Central American sisters and brothers do not visit us once, but many times. Each time they are rescued by our attentive immigration officers and lodged in our accommodation centers*, they are assisted to return to their sweet homes. However, by worshiping our country, they return again and again. The Migratón Foundation, aware of the benefits of this migratory cycle, has decided to give each of them a Migratón Card, in which they will accumulate points each time they are:

  • Rescued (500 points)
  • Hosted (700 points)
  • Returned (1000 points!)
  • Rescued again (2000  additional points each time!!)

You can redeem these points to enjoy:

  • Medical attention with insurance, including gynecological services for any mishap suffered on the road (only 10000 points!)
  • Right to a 10-minute asylum interview with a migration agent who will give you 50% of their full attention (20000 points!)
  • Premier Room— luxurious suite of the Siglo XXI accommodation center, shared with just 20 people (only 30000 points!)
  • If you are from the LGBTI community you win the Super Suite at Siglo XXI, since the authorities will not know where to place you for protection (35000 points!)
  • If you are thinking of crossing the border into the United States, Los Coyotes del Norte are sponsoring our exclusive American Dream Combo™ (50000 puntos), that includes:
    • direct contact with the best border-crossing guides
    • a map of the desert for completing your self-guided tour
    • the app TransBorder Immigrant Tool, whose specialized geopoetic compass helps you find water in the desert (poems included!)
    • for women, oral contraception is available to prevent unwanted pregnancies while en route

BLING Points Card
Once you have returned from the United States to your country of origin, you will have accumulated more than 135,000 points and will be eligible for the BLING Points Card, which gives you all of the same benefits and double the Border Points™!

*The government prefers not to use the term “detention”.


Human mobility (that is, the movement of people through countries, in the modalities that are imposed on them) is a matter of survival, a matter of human sense to safeguard their lives and integrity. It’s about realizing your rights, finding the protection you long for.  Understanding this, we have created the Migratines™: roller skates that will move migrants with agility and style.

Equipped with high capacity LED lights, the Migratines™ will illuminate migrants’ Free Transit through the accommodation center, between their rooms, the bathroom, and of course the recreation area. There are reports that some people suffer physical damage during their stay; with the Migratines ™, you will not have to worry anymore. “Migrate freely with your Migratines™!”


As of January 1st 2018, Migratón®  will help Central American women migrants stick to their New Year’s resolutions and fulfill their dreams of health and vitality—and, at the same time, develop valuable skills for their future employment. Our allied “centros botaneros” (bars) will offer them pole dancing classes, whose benefit is clear: Working on resistance through the exercise of bearing your own weight against gravity (and the gravity of your situation).