Let’s Sing!

Learn the Migratón® Jingle and Sing with Us!

(English translation below)

México is bigger than its borders
much deeper than its oceans
México is taller than its mountains
and longer than its mountain ranges

México is stronger than its problems
México is richer than its reserves
México is sweeter than its corn
México is more México
than any other country

To-To-To-To-To rescue
To-To-To-To-To lodge
To-To-To-To-To return
and back again

Migratón®, Migratón®,
give a coin to Migratón®, Migratón®
may it not come from your wallet
but rather from your heart
with a credit card or wire transfer
you can give to Migratón
if you have some cash at hand
please sponsor the Migratón®
it’s okay if it’s a check
give life to the Migratón®
It’s okay if it’s a dollar
or a million