About Us

What is the Migratón Foundation?

The Migratón Foundation is an altruistic and for-profit foundation launched by entrepreneurs who serve the valuable industry of Central American migration to Mexico in all its aspects: reception, rescue, lodging, security, mobility, return, fundraising and the American dream.  Concerned with the Mexican government’s ability to confront and optimize this system on its own, we created the foundation to officialize and consolidate our support.

What is the Migratón®?

The Migratón® is a project of national, international, and universal unity. Love, order and fundraising are the values that have gathered us to renew the co-responsibility of governments and the organizations that manage the largest migratory corridor in the world: México and Central America.  

Our Founder/CEO Braulio Salvat decided to launch the Migratón in December 2017 in Mexico, convening various media, personalities, hydroelectric companies, agribusiness corporations, construction and real estate, electronics, hydrocarbons and mining. We chose this date to accompany the international meeting that took place in Puerto Vallarta for the creation of a Global Pact for a Safe, Ordered and Regular Migration. The Migratón® underscores the role of Mexico as a world leader in this regard. The United Forces of Entrepreneurs for the Affectionate Return (FUERA) is the largest and best qualified private support system for the largest migrant in the world, and has the network of Volunteers Trained in Advanced Geographical Navigation (VENGA) and the United Migration in Rescue and Accommodation (MUERA) team.

We will organize a Migratón® event every year to raise the funds that allow us to fulfill our most noble objective: to maximize and optimize the management of the migratory flow, embodying the conviction that a crisis can also be a great opportunity.

With your donation, we seek to strengthen this formidable immigration system.

By helping us help ourselves, you help yourself.

 Our mission